Aclaimant and Company Nurse integrate to enhance incident management and reduce the cost of risk for Brady Risk Management Clients!


Aclaimant, the leading resolution performance system designed to help companies see risk more clearly and do something about it, is proud to announce the integration with Company Nurse and Brady Risk Management.   The integration creates a holistic workplace incident management solution leveraging Company Nurse’s industry leading nurse triage service and the Brady Risk Management team’s expertise in worker’s compensation, injury prevention and risk mitigation for their hospitality, restaurant and municipality clients!


If a workplace injury occurs, the injured employee calls Company Nurse’s 24/7 nurse triage contact center for self-care advice and/or to be referred to an approved medical facility.

Information then seamlessly flows into the Aclaimant system, allowing for employers and risk managers to work from pre-population of appropriate triage and follow-up forms including State FROI, OSHA, internal incident reports, as well as the automatic triggering of internal risk mitigation playbooks!


“At Aclaimant, we’re incredibly excited to be able to find additional ways to add value for our clients.  We love being able to integrate with synergistic and industry leading companies like Company Nurse to create efficiencies, capture better data and create more holistic ways to enable our partners like Brady Risk Management to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes at every step of the incident and claims management process” said David Wald, cofounder of Aclaimant.


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About Aclaimant.  Founded in 2013, Aclaimant is the first resolution performance system designed to help companies see risk more clearly and do something about it.  By streamlining every phase of risk management into one, easy to use workflow tool, Aclaimant helps companies digitize and optimize workplace safety, incident/claims management, and analytics.  Contact to learn more.


About Company Nurse. Workplace injuries happen. Company Nurse provides nurse triage for injured workers and makes the process of workers’ comp pain-free. In business since 1997, and the first in the industry, Company Nurse continues to grow and innovate so that businesses can take care of people, take care of processes, make workplaces more productive, and businesses more profitable. Contact to learn more.


About Brady Risk

Brady Risk Management Inc. is a financial Risk Management Firm specializing in the restaurant and hospitality industries and municipalities. The firm was incorporated in 1995 by Sean Brady whose background consists of financial and reinsurance disciplines. Learn more about Brady Risk at


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Jackie Binsfeld. Marketing Manager. Company Nurse. 480.717.6843

Sarah Nicolino, Marketing Assistant. Brady Risk Managemen. 631.801.4040

Aclaimant Recognized in Built in Chicago

On August 23, Built in Chicago recognized Aclaimant as a major player in Chicago’s insurance technology industry. Although the companies on this list are diverse, all use modern technology to improve an underserved space in the insurance industry, such as using mobile apps to file auto claims, or using predictive analytics to save money on car insurance. Given the amount of fresh ideas here, it’s no surprise that insurance technology—or insurtech, as it is often called—is expected to grow exponentially as new technologies continue to improve outdated processes.

Aclaimant announces first TPA partnership with Michigan based CompOne

Today, Aclaimant is proud to announce a partnership with Michigan based CompOne, part of the FDI Group.  At Aclaimant, we strive to find forward thinking partners, who recognize that innovation and technology can help to improve the experience for their insureds and the outcomes that they receive.

As part of the partnership, Aclaimant will be working closely with the team at CompOne to integrate our systems as well as to provide ongoing support to the CompOne team in distributing our system to their clientele.

The Psychology of Aclaimant: The Rules of Engagement

The Psychology of Aclaimant: The Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement in military terms are defined as “a directive issued by a military authority specifying the circumstances and limitations under which forces will engage in combat with the enemy." At Aclaimant, we are waging a war against the status quo when it comes to digitizing the incident reporting process and creating technological tools of engagement that reduce the ultimate cost of risk for employee’s, employers and carriers...