Why Aclaimant? By Aclaimant's Newest Team Member: Bob Henderson

Why Aclaimant?

In my career I’ve worked for a couple of the world’s finest risk technology firms. I thought my last job was my last job in risk technology.  It was a great run working with amazing people, but it was time to do something new. 

Then I met Mike and Jon Schultz in a restaurant bar.  We talked about the vastly under-served middle-market and the lack of tools available to help insurance buyers improve their risk and lower their insurance costs.  Invariably, technology tools that are developed for these buyers and their partners (brokers/agents insurance companies, MGAs, etc.) end up targeting the upper 20% of the market, leaving the other 80% to fend for themselves.  Their pitch was intriguing, so I asked for a demo of the software.

Jon, David Wald, Michael and others demoed the product and shares their approach with me. I was impressed with the uniqueness of their approach and the interface.  This was the most modern-looking tool I had seen in the space.  More importantly, they built their software and services as an engagement tool with the idea that it should be easy to digitize an incident report whether it is initiated by a call to a hotline, a text or an email.

Think about it.  Today, every employee has a smartphone.  Aclaimant believes that if there is an accident or a near-hit, your team should be able to take a picture and send a text or just place a phone call to your own company-specific hotline to report that event.  It’s that easy!  Aclaimant takes it from there with automated workflows, notifications and tasks that align with your company's processes.

I love the space we are in, and I love the idea of working with a collaborative team that has fresh ideas and is committed to the small and mid-sized market.  There is an amazing opportunity to help clients – whether they are agents, insureds, MGAs or insurers.  I believe this group is going to capitalize on that opportunity, and I am committed to lending my experience to help Aclaimant be a difference-maker for firms that are committed to improving their risk profile, and in doing so, improving the health and welfare of their employees and creating a culture of engagement when it comes to workplace safety.

I’d love to share more about what we are doing.  You can reach me at bob.henderson@aclaimant.com if you’d like to talk more.